Hello, I'm

Kelly Richard

Design. Direction. Motion.

I’m a passionate graphic designer from Houston, Texas capable of creating traditional and new creative graphic solutions for any communicational issue. I'm working towards my Bachelor's of Science in Visualization with a minor in business from Texas A&M University. I’m a problem solver. I love anything involving design. I enjoy thinking conceptually and expanding my ideas from there.



2010 - 2014

Texas A&M University

Bachelor's of Science in Visualization with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in business.

Spring 2013

School of Visual Arts

As part of my university's study away program, I lived and studied advertising and design in New York City for 6 months.


January 2014 - present

Smarter Every Day / Graphic Designer

Design and create infographics, data visualization and web graphics for Smarter Every Day's social media channels.

May 2013 - August 2013

Freed Advertising / Art Direction Intern

Designed ads for print and outdoor. Aided in concept development for residental communities and new advertising campaigns. Developed concept and design for AAF Houston’s student competition.

August 2013 - present

AIGA TAMU / Program Director

Organize and plan events for the student run design group. Coordinate aligning events with the Houston, Dallas and Austin chapters upcoming speakers, portfolio reviews and studio tours.

September 2013 - Present

Good Bull Advertising / Art Director

Create concepts, ads, and a plan book for our Mary Kay client in this student run advertising agency.


Design - 100%

Typography - 95%

HTML & CSS - 80%

Motion Graphics - 90%

Concepting - 85%

I use

  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Premiere
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Wordpress
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Keynote


  • All
  • Design
  • Motion
  • Branding

Dublin Bottling Works Rebrand

December 2013

Dublin Bottling Works aims to look completely different from its other soda competitors with a bold, bright look. In an effort to achieve a fresh look, we turned to what the beer and alcohol industries where typography, layout and design has been constantly refreshing. We decided our products, logo, packaging and collatoral all combine a true sense of the bottling companies historic marks in Texas, as well as paving a way for a future in the beverage industry.

Commerce of Christmas

December 2013

Tis the season to be spendy. This is a motion infographic explaining the current and projected statistics about shopping during the holidays.

The Fault in Our Stars Title Sequence

November 2013

The Fault in our Stars is a wonderful book written by John Green. I love his novels and the emotional attachment you get to the characters. The book is tragically beautiful, and that's the type of art direction I wanted to bring into the title sequence. Most of the imagery is based on the quotes and symbols in the novel. This video got attention across the internet with over 30K views!

Folsom Prison Lyric Book

November 2012

Based off Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison lyrics, I designed and illustrated an accordian style book. I wanted a fun, playful spin on a western style with a focus on typography and texture.

Metal Depots Logo Design

June 2013

At Freed Advertising, I had the opportunity to design a new logo for Metal Depots. Their original logo has the cliche and over used "roof." I went for a more conceptual logo that still showed strength and protection- two things most important to a metal building company.

AAF Houston Student Conference and Competition

August 2013

At Freed Advertising I got the opportunity to come up with a concept for the 2013 AAF Houston conference. I chose to do a retro rock theme and play off old concert posters.

Marketing Tips

July 2013

I designed a set of title slides for an agency's marketing 101 presentation to universities in Southwest Texas. I wanted to give a whimsical spin on learning the basics of marketing and show how digital and web based it is becoming. I had a blast designing the icons!

Environmental Typography- Education

September 2013

An environmental typography project that provides a slight social commentary on how students are spending their time at college. College tuition costs are rising and this was a fun reminder to students to spend their time at college wisely! There needs to be a balance of work and play. "Education" was made out of red solo cups and set up on campus. Students got to play and interact.

Smarter Every Day Infographics

January 2014-Present

I currently design web and infographics for a youtube channel called Smarter Every Day. It's an educational channel that has over 3 million viewers who love to learn. Go to the Smarter Every Day channel.

American Heart Association video

March 2013

As part of a project I had to pick an old 1950s recording I chose an old public service announcement called "Johnny Smoke" from the American Heart Association and put my own motion design spin on it!

Petaluma Film Festival

September 2013

The Petaluma International Film Festival is an annual event in Petaluma, California showcasing the independent feature and short films from around the world.

Aliana: Enchanted Village

July 2013

I designed a billboard and other promotional material for Aliana, a Houston residential community.

Houston, Texas,

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